Most Social Media channels use live streaming as their standard offering. Most social media platforms encourage users to engage in live streaming to get additional attention and money. People first learned about live streaming videos thanks to Facebook and Instagram live. Following that, live video was welcomed by practically all social media platforms. Many people started using live video broadcasting as a company after starting it as a hobby. A large number of internet players soon began streaming their games live. Live video grew in popularity as the number of viewers rose.

The list of top public live video streaming websites is provided below. Choose one whenever you want to perform live and experience being a celebrity!

Live on Facebook

Facebook revolutionized the social media landscape. Facebook grew with people, connecting former classmates, generating employment possibilities, and managing businesses. Social media’s public face quickly changed to Facebook. Facebook Live’s debut also represented a revolution in several ways. Each user was approved to go live, and everyone began conducting tests and went live in various locations. It was also possible to communicate with live viewers via real-time chat.

So that they wouldn’t miss any live videos, Facebook Live informed followers. Once a live video has concluded, it will stay on the user’s account until it is deleted. This encouraged viewers to keep watching the film even after it had finished.


An application for live conversation and broadcasting. YouNow is used primarily by youths, aspiring musicians, artists, and a sizable number of casual users? You may go live while you’re on the go using this app. Artists present live works to the YouNow audience. YouNow is a lighthearted live streaming app? YouNow has the appearance of a full social networking site as a result.

Reminder: YouNow subscriptions are required to broadcast in the service and to view replays. For $4.99 each month, you may see replays, leave comments on live videos, and broadcast as much as you like.


Twitch is the ideal platform if you’re a gamer and want to live to stream your gaming abilities. Twitch is a website dedicated to living video streaming of video games. Once you’ve connected with Twitch, you can live stream your gaming. Twitch is a platform used by pro gamers to teach games, showcase their abilities, and earn money. A buy button can be added to any gaming video streamed live. You will be paid 5% of the sale if someone downloads the game through your stream. Additionally, you can see other players’ live broadcasts and critique their gaming prowess.

Unlike Instagram Live and Facebook Live, you cannot watch a live video again. There is no freeze or rewind button, and it’s lost forever when the video is over. Ads can be found on Twitch’s free account. However, you can log in using your subscription if you have Amazon Prime.

Liven Up

Be Live is a professional platform. You can hold interviews and host chat shows using this live streaming platform. When going live, there are three choices. The first is solo, where only you will be seen on the screen. An interview is the second one. Two persons can go live simultaneously in this. The Talk Show, the third option, is a special one. Four persons may move in together under this scenario. Facebook users can watch your live stream, and comments are displayed in real-time. Using your Facebook or Twitch account, you can register for Be Live. Your viewers can catch up on your live videos using the crawlers provided.

Be Live is available for free for 20 minutes, twice weekly. However, you can use it as often as you’d want if you have a $12 membership.


You made it with daily vloggers in mind. Vloggers can post videos about their daily activities on Periscope. You may connect your camera, microphone, and full recording gear to start streaming in-depth audio and video. What is a live video’s time limit? There isn’t a cap. As long as you wish, you can broadcast live videos. You can save your live videos on Periscope to review later for editing. In case viewers miss your live video, it also allows them to watch it again. Real-time comments from viewers are also possible on your videos. In other words, it’s free and ad-free to go live from anywhere, whenever you want.

Live on Instagram

Instagram’s live feature was added not long after Facebook acquired it. Instagram Live exploded in popularity because of better audio and video quality. The live videos, however, only lasted for 24 hours. Additionally, each live video is an hour long. Using two phones, two people can now share a live video. A follower may submit a request to join a user’s live stream if they do so. People can respond, remark, and chat with each other’s live videos. Your Instagram Live live videos can also include filters.

Note: Instagram gave users the option to keep watching finished live videos.


A live streaming website focused on business. You can change the live streaming platform before going live with StreamShark. You can change the website’s color scheme to match your product. Viewers can rewind your live videos if they are late to join from the beginning. The user can mark specific segments of the videos as highlights after they have been live streamed. Following the live video are these highlights. During the live sections, viewers can engage in conversation with users.

As soon as you start your live video, it will be live streamed on Facebook, YouTube, and other websites. This will allow more people to watch your live streaming video. In your StreamShark Chatbot, all the messages from all social media sites will be displayed. So you won’t miss any feedback or ideas for your video. You can also monetize this live streaming platform by including advertisements in your live videos.

To test out StreamShark, there is a free trial available. You must sign up for a premium account for live video broadcasting after the problem.

on YouTube

A top video platform would not be possible without a live video streaming setup. They did it in style even though they were a little late. Live streaming has changed as a result of YouTube. 36 hours of live streaming in 4K quality were made available—an entirely free live streaming platform where 4K videos can be aired. A webcam, a YouTube account, and a 90-day spotless history are all you need. YouTube checks to see whether any blocks have been placed on your account. You can only go live if your account is verified. The viewers can comment on the videos, give suggestions, and ask questions. The user has access to these remarks and can immediately respond to them.

YouTube will add advertisements if more people view your video.


Latency is a significant issue when you go live. If your video lags significantly, there is no purpose in going live. The latency can be fixed with Bambuser. You can broadcast HD live videos with a high upload rate. Both experts and common people utilize Bambuser. This live streaming website is not just for mobile devices. From your desktop, you can broadcast live if you have a webcam and a microphone. Bambuser allows you to store the live video after it has ended, just like most live streaming websites. The video can also be edited before being shared with the public.

A 14-day trial account is available through Bambuser. After that, if you wanted to keep using it, you had to sign up for a subscription plan.


From your Android or iOS smartphone, you may use Stream to go live or view live videos. After they have concluded, all live videos are saved to your phone’s memory. Stream sets a new standard for live video streaming with HD audio and video streaming. Even better, using Stream is completely free. To your live videos, viewers can leave comments or even leave voice messages. Your live videos will be posted to your fans on Facebook and Twitter. Based on their location, a viewer will be given live video recommendations. This enables a person to grow their Stream viewership.

Note: Viewers can register for channels. When these users go live, subscribers are informed.

Audience Cast

You’re in the perfect place if you want to host a webinar or an online workshop. Crowd Cast allows you to host interactive Q&As, surveys, real-time discussions, and other events. The Q&A portion of Crowd Cast is its biggest draw. A viewer may participate in the live event and pose a question. This improves the audience’s social interaction. Your live broadcast’s time and date can be chosen. The highlighted part of the Crowd Cast website will feature your video. Before your show starts, they also push notifications to your followers. Crowd Cast is really simple to use and set up.

Note: A 49$ monthly subscription is required for 100 live viewers. Increased offerings will result in more viewers being supported.